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Program Objectives and Prospects

publish date : 2017-02-16 update date : 2017-09-04

The Institute has established its program and mapped out its curriculum in accordance with its educational objectives and core ability expectations.

Curriculum structure
courses in the five categories of the three disciplines.

Three disciplines
drama, music and fine arts.

Five categories
methodology, history, art theory, critical review, and interdisciplinary research.

Three required courses

Research Methodology on Art Studies, Aesthetics, and Seminar on Art, taught by professors fromthe three disciplines.

Teacher Education Program: In 2015, we proposed launching a new course of Performing Arts in addition to the existing course of Applied Visual Arts for the subject category of senior high school life and arts in the high school teacher education program. While pending the approval of the Ministry of Education, the new course is designed to cultivate talented teachers in performing arts, and scheduled to be jointly taught by professors of drama and music from the Institute and college faculty members teaching courses in the Drama Program. With these courses, we aim to help our students lay a solid academic foundation and improve their interdisciplinary research proficiency in art studies, thereby acquiring the professional knowledge and skills required for future career development.


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